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Get to know the menstrual cup

Learn how it works, what it’s made of and how to use it in our quick video guide:

The Periodino Menstrual Cup:

The Periodino menstrual cup is made of 100% hypoallergenic medical grade silicone. It is reusable and as easy to use as a tampon. You can wear it for up to 12 hours without emptying it and with proper care it will last up to 7 years, the most economical and sustainable alternative for your menstruation!

With the purchase of the Periodino menstrual cup you will receive:

  • 2 cups with our guaranteed fit package
  • A cloth bag for storage and transportation
  • Detailed instructions for use
  • Personalised online advice if you need it


How does it work?

We have a detailed step-by-step guide that explains everything. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and easy to use once you try it once or twice.

Watch our detailed video tutorial to clear up any doubts you may have:


What is a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups are small containers resembling miniature cups made of medical silicone that are inserted into the vagina during menstruation.

They are harmless and fit snugly against the vaginal walls at all times regardless of your movements, collecting all menstrual flow inside the cup.

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History of the menstrual cup:

The first menstrual cups (similar) began to be seen in 1867, WOW! But, it wasn’t until the 1930s that this invention was patented. It has been part of women’s empowerment and has certainly changed my life.

But the one who is recognised as the inventor was Leona Chalmers, as her cup was the first to be commercialised. Chalmers was an American woman who created the patent in 1937, which she called the “catamaran receiver”, although over a period of 7 years 5 other patents were applied for.

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Periodino menstrual cup sizes

We offer 2 different sizes:

  • S: For women under 30 who have not had a vaginal birth. Also if you are under 18 but have already had penetrative sex.
  • L: For women who have had a vaginal birth or are over 30 years old.

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Features of our menstrual cup

  • 100% hypoallergenic medical grade silicone
  • Up to 7 years of use
  • Suitable for light, moderate and heavy menstruation
  • Does not alter vaginal pH
  • Recommended by gynaecologists
  • Does not cause allergies
  • Can be used continuously
  • Safe for your body
  • Has a millimetre mark so you can see how much menstrual flow you are losing
  • Is transparent white, which allows you to have information about the colour of your periodIt sits inside the vagina and collects menstrual flow instead of absorbing it, so it doesn’t cause dryness or irritation like tampons.When you need to empty it, just wash it out with cold water and insert it again. At the end of your cycle or before your next cycle starts, soak it in boiling water for 3 minutes and it will be sterilised and ready to be used again for your next cycle.The best thing is that the menstrual cup can be used continuously throughout your period, even while you sleep.You insert it and wear it for up to 12 hours, then you can empty it, rinse it with water and insert it again. In addition, each purchase comes with instructions and an eco-friendly cotton bag for transport.


Price of our menstrual cup

The price of the menstrual cup is really very economical. Lasting up to 7 years, the investment is recovered in a few menstrual cycles, which is a great saving compared to other disposable menstrual products.

The Periodino menstrual cup is an economical alternative that allows you to live your menstruation in a more positive way. Its price and durability mean great savings in the medium and long term.


Our menstrual cups are environmentally friendly!

Why is it so important to choose an environmentally friendly menstrual cup?

The Periodino menstrual cup is made of 100% medical silicone, a completely natural and non-polluting material. Silicone is not a plastic material, but comes from silicon, which is present in rocks, quartz and sand.

However, there are other menstrual cups on the market that are made in other countries from polluting materials such as plastic (TPE). These products are of lower quality, more polluting and often less durable.

They are therefore the best alternative to conventional menstrual products such as pads and tampons. Not only do they contain plastic and other toxic substances inside, but they are not biodegradable or reusable after use.

Our menstrual cup is one of the best because it allows you to live your period without waste for 7 years. Plus, you only need water, your hands to use it and keep it clean.


What is the best menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups are increasingly sold in supermarkets, pharmacies and various shops, but they are not all the same.

The best menstrual cup is the one that is environmentally friendly and made of medical grade silicone, completely hypoallergenic, such as the Periodino menstrual cup. Silicone is a health-friendly material that is commonly used in medicine. Others, however, are made of plastic or low-quality silicone. It is important to know the material of the cup you are going to buy and insert into your vagina.

Unlike other menstrual cups, the Periodino menstrual cup can last up to 7 years if you follow our care advice, thanks to its high-quality composition.

On the other hand, it is essential to have proper advice when buying this type of product. We guide you so that its use is easy and comfortable. We solve any doubts you may have, and this is one of the great advantages of buying our menstrual cup.

If you decide to buy and you have doubts about its use or about what size to choose when you are going to use it for the first time, you can visit our tutorial or contact us. You will also find a lot of information on our blog. When you make your purchase we will send it to you in less than 48 hours, we ship throughout the European Union. In addition, you will learn how to use it quickly, and you will even become a real expert, thanks to all the content you will find on our website.


Is a menstrual cup better than tampons?

The menstrual cup is undoubtedly healthier than tampons.

  • It does not cause irritation or dryness
  • Does not alter your vaginal pH
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It is free of toxins
  • It is not associated with TSS or toxic shock syndrome.
  • Does not generate bad odours

Unlike tampons, the cup does not absorb all your vaginal fluid, but collects your menstruation. It does not cause irritation or dryness, as is often the case with tampons.

In addition, it does not alter your vaginal pH, as it is made of 100% hypoallergenic medical silicone, a material that is completely harmless to your health. The same material used in medical catheters.

On the other hand, unlike tampons, which contain chlorine, dioxins, plastic and other toxic substances, the menstrual cup does not contain any chemical or toxic substance for our health.

Nor is it associated with TSS or toxic shock syndrome. This is a serious illness associated with tampon use.

Finally, when you buy a menstrual cup, you will notice that your period does not smell bad, as it does when you use tampons and pads.

This will allow you to reconcile with your menstruation and learn to live it in a more positive way.


You’ll love the menstrual cup guarantee!

We listened to you! And we’ve created what we think will solve the number one questions our customers ask us:

“Will the cup fit me, and what size cup would be right for me?”


If you are thinking of buying a cup but are unsure about the size, or if you think the cup may not fit your physiognomy for some reason, don’t worry, at Periodino we have created our two size pack guaranteeing that one of them will be the ideal size for you.

So, you only pay for one cup, but we send you the other size for free so that you have an excellent first experience with our brand.

When your period arrives, choose the right cup for you based on the following criteria, this general sizing guide works for 95% of our customers.

Menstrual cup size S:

  • If you are under 30 and have not had a vaginal birth.
  • If you are under 18 but already have penetrative sex.

Menstrual cup size L:

  • If you are over 30 (whether you have given birth or not).
  • If you have had a vaginal birth (regardless of your age).

Exceptions to the rule:

  • If you are under 30 and lead a very sedentary lifestyle, you may have to use size L.
  • If you are a very sporty person and over 30, you should try size S first.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us to answer your questions and help you fit the cup.


What is not covered by the warranty?

Damage caused by improper use or care.

  • Sterilising it for longer than indicated.
  • Cutting or tampering with the shape of the cup.
  • Leaving it within reach of pets
  • Stains resulting from washing the cup in hot water.

Remember that iron in blood tends to stain easily. To avoid this, it is recommended to first wash the cup with COLD WATER. Once the blood has been removed you can wash it with lukewarm water.


Common questions about the menstrual cup

Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to have sex with a menstrual cup?

It is not recommended to have sex with the cup in, but there are many other ways to enjoy sex with a menstrual cup in, such as oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, touching, kissing and other ways to enjoy the body and mind.

Those days when we don’t feel like internal stimulation are perfect to explore our desires and see that we are able to feel pleasure beyond what we have experienced so far and that we can have sex with a menstrual cup on.

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What is medical grade silicone?

There is a very important difference between silicone and medical grade silicone. The fact that a silicone is called medical grade means that it has been approved and tested to be free of other additives and compound ingredients that are used in the manufacture of normal organic rubbers and silicones.

This material is used for many things within medicine, such as breast prostheses, subdermal devices, catheters…. This is thanks to its non-toxic and inert properties.

Read more about silicone and menstrual cups.

Can I use a menstrual cup while travelling?

Of course, the menstrual cup will make travelling easier for you. You will have fewer problems when changing as with tampons. You will have comfort and freedom of movement.

Once you have found the menstrual cup that suits you perfectly, travelling will be much more pleasant for you.

Learn more about travelling with a menstrual cup

Of course, the menstrual cup will make travelling easier for you. You will have fewer problems when changing as with tampons. You will have comfort and freedom of movement.

Once you have found the menstrual cup that suits you perfectly, travelling will be much more pleasant for you.

Learn more about travelling with a menstrual cup

Is it advisable to use a menstrual cup after childbirth?

After giving birth, the body enters a phase known as the puerperium, which colloquially we would call the postpartum phase in which the uterus recovers and begins to return to normal. The duration of this stage will be approximately 6 weeks.

During these 6 weeks it is advisable not to introduce anything into the vagina or have penetrative sex, as the vagina and uterus are sore, swollen and trying to recover their original state before the birth.

Even if your birth was not vaginal, a caesarean birth also involves many changes in your body, because your body has also been preparing to give birth to a baby, and your pelvic floor may have been weakened. Therefore, you should wait a reasonable time before using a menstrual cup after childbirth and consult your gynaecologist first.

More information on using a menstrual cup after childbirth

How to use a menstrual cup for the first time?

If this is your first time buying a menstrual cup, you’ll be happy and excited to say goodbye to tampons, pads and the hassle that comes with them. But perhaps somewhere in the back of your mind are questions like: How am I going to get it in, how do I fold it, and if it doesn’t come out, what do I do? Questions that are rattling around in your head.

Don’t worry, follow this guide and you’ll be in safe hands.

Is the menstrual cup comfortable to sleep with?

One of the advantages of the menstrual cup is that it is comfortable and you don’t even notice it’s there, because it doesn’t dry out the vagina or alter the pH, as tampons do.

When you have your period you will sleep much more peacefully and many times you will not feel what you felt with the tampon that you have to change it in the middle of the night.

If you used to use sanitary towels to sleep, you will know that they are not infallible either and sometimes you have to change the sheets the next day. Now you can sleep peacefully and wake up in the morning without having to check the sheets.

Also, unlike tampons, the menstrual cup fits snugly against the vaginal walls, so once you learn how to insert it correctly it won’t move or slip out all night long. If you’re the type who moves around a lot in bed, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

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Is the menstrual cup comfortable for sports?

Yes, yes and yes.

If you are one of those women who can’t resist going to the gym or running, the menstrual cup will be your best ally. The PERIODINO menstrual cup is made of 100% hypoallergenic medical silicone, a rigid but flexible material of good quality that adapts to your vaginal muscles.

That’s why the menstrual cup doesn’t move and you don’t even notice it’s there, making it the healthiest and safest option for sports.

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Can menstrual cups and IUDs be used together?

Yes, you can use the menstrual cup and IUD together. You just need to follow a few simple tips to make sure that both the menstrual cup and the IUD work well together.

You know, information is power, so first I’ll talk about what the IUD is (it’s key to understanding what comes next) and then whether the IUD and menstrual cup can be used together. Here it is.

Learn more about using a menstrual cup with an IUD.

Can I bathe or swim with my menstrual cup?

Yes, you can bathe with your menstrual cup without worrying. In fact, did you know that menstrual cups don’t absorb chlorine, bacteria or pool pee? But the tampon string does.

Due to the composition of the PERIODINO menstrual cup and the fact that it does not absorb fluids, the risk of infection and fungus is much lower than using tampons in water.

The only advice is to empty it before swimming to make sure the cup doesn’t fill up in the middle of your day at the beach or pool.

More information on menstrual cup swimming

What do I do if my menstrual cup leaks?

If you’ve just started using a menstrual cup, leaks are sometimes part of the learning curve. It can be incredibly frustrating and finding your panties ruined… or worse…. is never a fun surprise. Equally frustrating is not knowing why the cup is leaking and how to fix it.

This guide will help you find out why it might be leaking and how to adjust it.

How do you open the menstrual cup?

I invite you to play with your cup in your hand, to manipulate it, to bend it from one side to the other. Watch how, whatever you do, the cup immediately springs back into shape.

This is because our cup is made of top quality material. Remember that the pressure your fingers exert when you play with it is nothing like the pressure your vagina muscles can exert (no matter how strong they are).

So when you insert it folded, the cup will open up inside your vagina because the material and shape will force it to do so.

It’s been widely publicised that cups should make a popping sound when they open, but this doesn’t always happen; it might, but you don’t hear it. Think about the fact that your vagina is in the centre of your body, surrounded by a lot of tissue, and your ear is not located in your belly. There are clients who do hear it, or perhaps more than hear it, they feel the sensation of something that causes a little “pop” inside them.

So don’t go by the “pop” because, as I said before, you may or may not feel it!

This guide will help you know how to find the perfect fit with your menstrual cup.