Does My Cup Smell Bad? Tips and Answers

When we use disposable tampons and pads we get used to a bad smell and we think it comes from menstrual blood. The truth is that the smell is generated by the toxic components of these disposable pads and the heat of your body, not your blood. The truth is that the smell is generated by the toxic components of these disposable pads and the heat from your body, but not from your blood. What does your blood smell like? You will smell it when you use the PERIODINO menstrual cup. Menstrual blood doesn’t smell bad, it just smells like blood (it will have the same smell that your blood gives off when you get a wound on your arm). 

Do all menstrual cups smell bad?

No. Our cup is made of medical grade silicone, 100% hypoallergenic, with no dyes. So there are no odours and only the smell of the iron in your blood is perceived.

Are there cups that smell?

The answer is yes! There are other cups on the market that are made of plastic or latex.

Plastic is a material that is NOT harmless to our health and can be toxic to our bodies. In addition, its durability is much lower and when heat is applied or left inside the body for many hours it can generate this bad smell in the menstrual cup. 

You’ve probably reused a water bottle a couple of times and noticed that it gives off a bad smell – well, the same goes for plastic cups!

So what do I do if my menstrual cup smells bad?

First you need to find out what material it’s made of, if it’s plastic I suggest you discard it straight away and opt for a medical silicone cup.

The manufacturer says that the cup is made of medical silicone and yet it smells. What can I do?

Even so, if your menstrual cup has picked up a bad smell, don’t worry! Here’s why your menstrual cup smells bad and what you can do to eliminate menstrual cup odour.

Where do you keep your cup?

Where you store your menstrual cup between uses, or between one cycle and the next, can greatly affect how well it keeps.Have you stored it in a plastic or completely airtight container? This will affect the way it smells. This is why it is best to store it in its little cotton bag that goes in the box next to the cup and allows it to breathe. You should never store the cup in a plastic or airtight container.

The reason is that the cloth bag allows the cup to breathe and keep it in good condition, thus preventing it from adopting bad smells from the container where you store it.

Misuse of the menstrual cup

Having the menstrual cup inside your body for longer than indicated can cause the menstrual cup to smell bad… This is due to having the blood stagnate for so long.

Even if the flow is not heavy and the cup is not full, you should always empty and rinse the menstrual cup every 12 hours at the most. Once it is clean, you can continue to use it without any problem.

What can I do to get rid of menstrual cup odour?

Whatever the reason for menstrual cup odour, here are three different ways to get rid of it. But remember that these instructions are for a medical silicone menstrual cup:

Method 1: Hydrogen peroxide

This method will not only help you eliminate odours but also whiten it. Soak your menstrual cup overnight in hydrogen peroxide (3%) and boil it again in the morning. This, in addition to making it look new, can neutralise bad odours.

I don’t advise you to repeat this more than once every 6 months to avoid damaging the cup material.

Method 2: Bleach 

The second trick, and usually the most effective, is to soak the cup in a glass of water with a few drops of bleach and let it sit for a few hours. 

Then rinse it and boil it again to remove the remains of the product you have used. You will have your cup ready to be used again. 

Method 3: Air your cup 

If it’s not a serious case leave your cup in the window for a while, this could be the most natural and harmless way to remove the evil in it.

In short, don’t worry if your menstrual cup has picked up a bad smell, as this can be eliminated by following the tips in this guide. Before you buy one, find out what material it is made of. Check that you have used it correctly and stored it in a suitable place. If it is plastic and smells bad, I advise you to throw it away and try a good quality one, harmless to your health. If it is medical silicone, try one of the three methods and continue using it when the smell has gone. 😍

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