Sex and Menstrual Cups, All Questions Answered

That sex is a natural analgesic for many of us, we don’t deny it, we have talked about it many times, but… what about having sex with the menstrual cup? This is still a big question among many women. 

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When we talk about erotic relationships during menstruation we usually divide ourselves in two. Some days of flow feel attractive, more erotic and with a high libido, while others prefer to relax, enjoy a series session or a good book and make a ball on the couch. Of course, all this depends on how we live our menstruation. If we have slight or intense discomfort and even pain, the last thing we want to do is have sex. However, staying active throughout the cycle, paying attention to food and the days before to adapt to the rhythm that our bodies ask of us will encourage the days of flow to be lighter. 

If you are one of those who believes that pleasure is the best remedy for those days, you have probably wondered if you can have sex with a menstrual cup. Many of us experience a more conscious menstruation thanks to the use of the menstrual cup, but the question of whether it is possible to have sex with the cup continues to haunt us. 

Is it possible to have sex with the menstrual cup?

Many people are reluctant to have sex with a menstrual cup and doubt whether it is possible to have sex with a menstrual cup on. The cup has given us freedom and connection with our menses, but the taboo is still there for a very clear reason, we believe that sex is intercourse and that without intercourse there is no sex. In addition, we still have the idea that during that time sex is not an option. This happens because when we think about it we automatically think about penetration, that is, we fall into coitocentrism. Of course, maintaining that idea, we cannot have penetrative sex with a menstrual cup on. But is it that only coitus is sex? Not at all. 

Our sex education and erotic imagery have instilled in us that penetration is THE practice and that everything else is what surrounds it. But this is far from reality. Intercourse is just another practice and it doesn’t have to be the end of our encounters but simply something we do if we feel like it and if not, we shouldn’t feel that we haven’t had a complete relationship because we haven’t finished with it. 

Intercourse is not recommended with the cup on, but there are many other ways to enjoy sex with the menstrual cup on such as oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, caressing, kissing and other various ways to enjoy body and mind. Those days when we don’t feel like internal stimulation are perfect for exploring our desires and seeing that we are able to feel pleasure beyond what we have experienced so far and that we can have sex with the menstrual cup on.

Yes, you can have sex with the menstrual cup. With the menstrual cup one can have sexual intercourse, but of course, we must think about sex in all its extension, not only in penetration. A sexual or erotic relationship goes from a look with intentions, through caresses, to a good session of stimulating reading. We can also consider that as sexual encounter if we put the intention or erotic purpose to it.  

How to have sex with the menstrual cup?

Many times when we think about sex and the menstrual cup our brain gets blocked believing that it is not possible. But have you set yourself the challenge? To have sex with the menstrual cup on we have to escape the norm and learn to discover our bodies in other different ways. 

It is possible to have sex with a menstrual cup, and although there is no one rule that fits all of us, I recommend that you follow some guidelines for having sex with a menstrual cup on:

The first thing to take into account is to maintain good hygiene. Wash your hands before and after having sex with the cup. 

Use a lubricant. You may feel more sensitive in your genital area the first few days, and you may need some extra input, something that will help everything flow better. So try using a lubricant on your vulva. 

Stimulate other erogenous areas such as your breasts and use a massage oil for example to give it a different touch. Trying out erotic supplements to help stimulate other areas is a great idea to diversify our pleasures. 

Don’t feel self-conscious. Sex with a menstrual cup on does not stain, but if you are still concerned about this and are not enjoying it, place a plastic sheet or towel on the surface you are on. 

Another option is to try having sex with the menstrual cup in other places, such as the shower or during a hot bath. The water will calm your menstrual discomfort and you can take advantage of it to stimulate and complete your relaxation as well as to relieve the tension that is generated in your body. 

Types of sex with the menstrual cup

Breaking with the norm and seeing that there is much more than intercourse in terms of pleasure, helps us feel better about ourselves since it allows us to enjoy sex with the menstrual cup on without limitations. With the menstrual cup you can have sex and these are some ideas and practices that we propose so that on those days you can also enjoy your sexuality in a positive way:

Oral sex with the menstrual cup

You have your menstrual cup on, no problem. You can have oral sex with the menstrual cup. This form of stimulation will help you relax, connect with yourself and your partner and break many taboos. Remember that since you are wearing the cup, there is no danger of staining anything. If you want to give it a fun spot, do some foreplay before you get to the genitals. For example, another type of oral sex, yes, literally. Read aloud something that you like, that turns you on and that you can transfer to your own experiences. Create a path of stimuli throughout your body and then bring it to your vulva. Try different techniques and even put exotic flavors with a special lubricant. 

Masturbation with the menstrual cup

For many this is the best way to overcome the discomfort of menstruation. It is a form of self-care and self-knowledge. It allows us to know what we like and what we don’t like. In addition, the release of endorphins acts as a natural analgesic, giving us a sense of well-being that calms and repairs us. Thanks to this we will feel that the inflammation goes down, we release the tension and we experience a sensation of general well-being and all this without having to take off our cup. It is another way of having sex with the menstrual cup. 


It is not advisable to have penetrative sex with the cup on since it can be very uncomfortable for both us and the other person. The cup is occupying a large part of your vagina and with penetration what you will do is push it and it can hurt you. In addition, if we exert pressure with either a penis or an internal stimulation toy, we can break the vacuum of the cup and cause the flow it contained to spill. 

Anal Sex

For all those who have a high on those days and want to try new things, anal sex can be done with a menstrual cup on without any problem. But remember that you need to get to know each other, to reach a consensus, to go step by step and to use a lubricant suitable for this practice and for your needs. In addition, you can stimulate the clitoris to increase the excitement and thus obtain greater pleasure. 

Bet on erotic imagination

Do not focus only on the genitals or the erogenous zones you already know. During masturbation with the menstrual cup on or other types of relations during menstruation you can try to get to know corners of your body that you have not stimulated in that way until now. A good game is dancing, moving your hips, which, besides becoming an erotic game, helps you decrease sexual discomfort. All you have to do is let your imagination run wild. 

Can I use erotic toys? Which ones?

Fortunately, nowadays we can see erotic toys of all kinds and not all of them are designed for vaginal stimulation, but there are many designed for the clitoris and other parts of the body. These are ideal for having relations with the menstrual cup. Choose one with which you can massage your body, relieve pain and that can have a happy ending. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be a toy, you can also choose a complement that makes you feel sexy, attractive and that makes you feel erotic. 

If you keep asking yourself if the menstrual cup is compatible with relationships the answer is yes, but not with penetration. Also, remember that the menstrual cup is not a contraceptive method although it is compatible with them.

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