Menstrual Cup Clogs or Won’t Open!

“Help! I’ve looked a lot on the internet, I’ve read the FAQ posts, I’ve watched several YouTube videos, I’ve looked at some cup advice forums, no matter what I’ve tried, I STILL can’t get my cup to open.”

In this video you will see how you can fix it!

That’s one of the phrases I’ve come across on forums and I found it excellent to start this article for you guys as it seems to be quite recurrent. That’s why I insist that it is important to buy your menstrual cup from companies that can give you all the detailed information and actively accompany you in learning how to use it. Let’s get to it!

How do you open a menstrual cup?

I invite you to play with your cup in your hand, manipulate it, bend it from one side to the other. Observe how, whatever you do, the cup returns to its shape immediately. This is because our cup is made of a first class material. Just think that the pressure your fingers exert when you play with it does not resemble the pressure that the muscles of your vagina can exert (no matter how strong they are). 

So when you insert it folded, the cup will open up inside your vagina because the material and shape will force it to do so. 

It has been widely publicised that the cups should make a “pop” sound when they open, but this doesn’t always happen – it might, but you can’t hear it. Think that your vagina is at the centre of your body, surrounded by a lot of tissue and your ear is not exactly located on your belly. There are clients who do hear it, or perhaps more than hear it, they feel the sensation of something causing a little “pop” inside. 

So don’t go by the “pop” because as I said before she may or may not feel it!

When inserting the cup check the following points: 

Run your finger around the rim of the cup.

Once inserted, use the tail as a guide and find the base of the cup. If you notice any protrusions (folds), press inwards and you will notice how it opens. In the video tutorial I show exactly that part. 

Turn it on itself.

If there is a fold, this action will make it open.

Maybe you have chosen a bigger size than you should and that’s why it doesn’t open. Try the smaller size.

Follow these instructions to choose your size correctly. And remember: it doesn’t depend on how much you bleed, but on the diameter of your vagina.

It has to fit properly

The menstrual cup is not inserted at the same height as the tampon. The tampon reaches the cervix, the cup does not. The cup should be flush with the labia. Don’t feel it and don’t let it stick out, but if you stick the tip of your index finger in a little bit, you’ll feel the little tail there. Then, as you walk around with it on for a few hours, it will adjust to your body and find its optimal position. In the video you will find images for that explanation as well.

Why don’t you open your menstrual cup?

There are many reasons why your menstrual cup does not open correctly. The important thing is to identify why and see how to fix it.

Are you leaking?

Note: when I talk about leaks I mean blood stains (drops). If you find small “drips” on your panties, it could be because when you put it on, you had a little bit of blood on your vulva, on your labia and these leave their mark on the panties. 

If you have stains (drops) on your panties, it could be due to 

The size you chose is too small for you, try the larger size. 

The cup did not open. 

If you don’t have any leaks, it indicates that the cup is 

You chose the right size.

It is correctly fitted.

Enjoy your day and only remember it when it’s time to change it. When we start using the cup we tend to ask ourselves if we have done it right, if it is correctly fitted, etc.

Try different ways of folding it

The shape we recommend for beginners is a “V” shape:

But, sometimes, some people feel that it doesn’t unfold as easily that way. If this is the case for you, I recommend that you introduce it in a “C” shape:

Visit our video to see the ways to fold it, there I show the 3 most common ones and then I indicate which is the “V” for beginners.

Maybe it’s too soft

Not all menstrual cups are the same. Check if your menstrual cup is too soft, usually in cheaper cups or cups made of other materials (plastic or latex). If it is and you feel it buckling inside your vagina, chances are your own muscles are squashing it. Try the right size of a firmer, premium medical silicone menstrual cup, such as the PERIODINO menstrual cup.😍

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