How To Choose Your Menstrual Cup Size

Many women have doubts when it comes to choosing their menstrual cup size. Some of them do so because it is a legitimate doubt as it is the first time they are using it. Others are fearful and embarrassed because they are afraid to face the fact that they may need a L size. Which means/means that they have a very wide vagina. 

In this video you will find all the information you need!

In this space we can talk about this topic and dispel fears and myths about these issues. Let’s get on with it!

I think this fear and shame about the size of our vagina originates from machismo or a misunderstanding of it. I know women who have had a sexual encounter with a man and after that time, the man disappears, he doesn’t call anymore.

You then find yourself in a dilemma and you think, well he better not call because he wasn’t really that cool…. or you start with toxic thoughts ranging from: he didn’t like the intimate encounter we had and the ultimate toxicity comes when you think: my vagina is too wide and that’s why he disappeared! 

After living for many years in Asia, where the sexual culture is completely different from the West, I noticed that many women use sex to find a provider. I saw unbelievable things, you know girls who do their best (or even impossible) to keep their vagina as small as possible (to satisfy the male more). With surprise I discovered that their ignorance is so great that they insert so-called pencils to tighten the vagina (typical of Thailand and Indonesia). They are made of talcum powder, Borneo oils and plants. 

What do you think happens if we put talcum powder inside our vagina? The havoc it causes will be worse than the havoc caused by tampons because all it does is dry out the vagina. Drying out the vagina means itching, yeast, doctor visits, eggs and the list could go on.  

Nobody explained to these poor girls that they are not objects to cause pleasure but human beings composed among many things of muscles. The vagina is a part of our body that, like any other part of our body, has muscles. So incredible are they, that they are able to pass a baby through it (which is no small feat). And return to their normal shape after birth.

I will never forget my mother’s words when I was in my hippopotamus state with my eldest son and she asked him: what will I feel during labour? She looks at me and says: you will feel like you are passing through an old wardrobe, one of those big ones, with doors, corners and legs. I must say that there was a moment during labour that reminded me of her words hehehe.

After childbirth, it is possible that the vagina may be a little wider than before, but it will never be as it was during childbirth.

For many years, when we have children, our gynaecologists have been recommending us to do pelvic exercises, not to give more pleasure to the other, but simply to prevent us from having incontinence problems one day (that is a real pain in the ass).

After reading this, do you still think that the guy who disappeared after the first time was because of the size of your vagina? Well no, he “disappeared” because he is probably in another stage of his life, neither good nor bad, but different from yours.  

And girls, don’t think that if you try on different sizes and the one that fits you best is the big one (and you are under 30), you won’t be able to find a partner.

Sexuality is much more complex than the size of your penis or vagina, it’s about the rapport you both feel at that moment, about how you understand each other as people (that is, when you’re not having sex). Looked at another way, in reality, sexuality is very simple when you find that person who is compatible with you. 

Now that you have dispelled the fear/shame/complex that has built up in your brain, let’s look at what size is right for you.

In the market you will find an endless number of sizes and brands. They will call one a S that is actually an L, all to make you feel better. They are made of different materials, some are very hard and not very flexible, so it would be impossible for me to make a detailed comparison and description of each one of them.

That’s why I’m going to talk about the PERIDINO ones, which as you know are made of hypoallergenic medical silicone. In your box you will find two of them. Why did I do this? Because I don’t find it logical that you order one, it’s not the right size, the illusion is diminished because you have to return it, exchange it, contact me, wait for it to arrive, etc.

How do I know the size of the PERIODINO menstrual cup?

The small menstrual cup: 

Designed for women under 30 years old, without vaginal delivery and who do not have penetrative sex frequently.

Large menstrual cup:

If you are over 30 years old and if you have had a vaginal birth. 

Exceptions to the rule 

If you are under 30 and even though you haven’t given birth and don’t have penetrative sex, you are a sedentary woman, one of those who sit around every evening watching TV. You don’t even dance for New Year’s Eve, your whole body muscles may not be as toned (including your vaginal muscles). So you should use the big one.

If you are over 30, have just given birth and are crazy but crazy about sport, you may need the small size as in your case not only your biceps and abs are trained but your vaginal muscles as well. 

If you use a larger cup than you need, you may experience discomfort and damage when removing the cup.

If you use one that is smaller than you need, it will start to slide around when you walk, it will be uncomfortable and you will find large stains in your panties.

The size of the menstrual cup does NOT depend on the amount of flow.

It is often made the mistake of assuming that the size of menstrual cup you need depends on its capacity, however it is important to be clear that the criteria for choosing a menstrual cup is the diameter of the cup. 

The upper rim of the cup fits snugly against the walls of the vagina. Depending on the type of silicone, the cup will be more or less firm and will adapt differently to your body. I invite you to watch the video tutorial on our website as I have edited part of it on the subject of sizing. 

When you receive your cups, compare their diameter by placing them side by side and pressing them so that they lengthen and you will see that the difference is about 4mm. Those 4mm are what will determine which one fits your vagina best. 

Even if you have heavy bleeding, the choice should be based on the diameter of the cup. As I mentioned in another article, there are months when we bleed more and when that happens, you will need to empty the cup more often, that’s all. 

If you are not sure then try both cups, from the smaller one to the larger one. Do it while you are at home and see how it works.

What is my menstrual cup size if I have just given birth?

If you have just given birth vaginally, your pelvic floor is in the process of returning to normal. Don’t despair and exercise it gently and consistently to get it back to its normal function. It is often advisable to wear a size L after you have given birth, as the vaginal canal inevitably widens when your wonderful baby is born.

If you have had a caesarean section without dilation and are under 30 years old, you will still be a size small at first.

What size menstrual cup do I need if…?

I am 30 years old.

In this case I recommend you go straight for the large size as it will last you for years.

I am over 18 but have not had sexual intercourse.

It depends on how you feel when you try the cup. If you use tampons, you won’t have any major problems and you can choose the small size if you are under 30. 

I’m under 18 but I’ve already had sex.

We recommend that you try the small size straight away.

We recommend you follow our sizing guide but… every woman is different and there are different bodies. What works for most may not work for you. Our philosophy is that you will find the perfect fit for you and you can enjoy your life as if you were not having your period.💃

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